This is not a criticism, just me being pragmatic. In any case, options are always good and coupled with the lifetime warranty, I do feel like the only tools that would get chewed up are replaceable. Such option proved necessary for the security and the military, who work at the sites where sharp piercing weapons are prohibited. tools in the configuration, depending on the model; lifetime Trekker Out. For the price point, they better perform better. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"6a1808c19260c389143e3a8671b21300859772eb-1608770138-1800"}; I mention this because I own the much smaller Gerber multi-tool (the Dime) and I damaged the handles/body by adding too much pressure. Try scoring the cable cover first to the wires, then try cutting. As for the other secondary tools, there are surprisingly few of them taking into account how large and bulky the Gerber MP600 is. Aye, my issue is that the are advertised as wire cutters- not just strippers and do not compared to the equivalent inserts by Leatherman. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Dimensions – 12.4 by 16 cm. (I did receive the correct product number item.) protection system (closure) installed; comfortable A thing that seems to be lacking in your review is, ‘The Bite’. I hope we'll see more of them! I do wish the screwdrivers had more variety or were removable, like in the Leatherman Wave, but what you get is what you get. Thanks for dropping by mate! I own the M.U.T., Rebar, Wave, Skeletool, etc. A Gerber MP600 that not only does everything your other MPs do, it can go anywhere, thanks to being built for compliance with “No Knife” policies. The ergonomics and performance will always be a let down with multi-tools because at the heart of it, the design is a compromise. Very cool, and admittedly very useful, as it’s trivial to whip out the pliers, use them and finally put the tool away in a handful of smooth motions. As for the cost, in the States its definitely a huge difference but here in the UK my Leatherman Rebar was cheaper and this Gerber was only £15 cheaper than a Leatherman Wave. Believe it or not, they are carbide. I am curious about this too, technically it doesn’t have a blade and if you remove the saw, it should pass any objective definitions of a bladeless multitool. For the full ranking, see below. Another positive is that it’s replaceable, so I imagine with some searching you could find and/or make alternative blades like a fine-toothed wood saw, perhaps? Power Assist. //
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